Thanks again for a first class piece of software.


BTW, let me tell you what a great piece of software cam2pc is. I think it may be the single best piece of software on my computer. If I didn't have it, I would have to become a software engineer so I could create it. It is that great. Thank you.


[cam2pc] looks nice... even has red eye removal built in. I was going to buy BreezeBrowser, Downloader Pro, and Paint Shop Pro 8 to do all that.


CAM2PC - History

Version 4.6.1
27 October 2007
  • Maintenance release

Version 4.6.0
4 March 2007
  • Full support for Windows Vista
  • Fixed display of ISO for latest Canon cameras (incl. S3 IS)
  • Fixed EXIF Maker Notes decoding for latest Nikon cameras (incl. D70)
  • Updated RAW decoding library for more cameras support (and faster too)
  • Fixed Advanced Renaming when using exposure time
  • DNG files are no longer corrupted at download time when fill EXIF is on
  • SW: Added easy creation of SimpleViewer galleries (Flash enabled)
  • SW: Added easy upload of Zenphoto galeries

Version 4.5.2
25 March 2005
  • Fixed renaming issue with some cameras where two files could be wrongly renamed identically
  • SW: Added display of Exif comment in contact sheet options
  • SW: Fixed display of "offline contents" in find result
  • SW: Album indicator in fullscreen viewer is now permanent
  • SW: Images can be removed from album in fullscreen viewer (only using / key on keyboard - no menu yet)

Version 4.5.1
4 January 2005
  • Fixed tooltips not appearing on some PC in thumbnails view
  • Fixed printing of transparent GIF
  • Fixed memory leak in fullscreen viewer
  • SW: If image in fullscreen is enhanced then display is updated when closing enhance dialog

Version 4.5.0
18 December 2004
  • Added PSP (Photoshop files) format support
  • Added F-Number as an easy viewable Exif data (thus removing ambiguity with Aperture)
  • Added Capture date as an easy viewable Exif data (thus removing ambiguity with Creation date)
  • "My Network Places" in tree now displays "My Network Places" instead of "Network Neighbourhood"
  • Improved performance when working with very large directories
  • Changed the way file associations are managed during installation
  • Added mixed histogram in fullscreen display
  • SW: Added IPTC support for TIFF and JPEG files
  • SW: Added search facility (almost 50 criterias incl. EXIF and IPTC tags)
  • SW: Added "Loop at end" option for built slideshows
  • SW: Added possibility to display only filenames in album window
  • SW: Added possibility to move or delete album contents
  • SW: Added possibility to specify home page URL in Instant Web Galleries
  • SW: Added optional histogram display in Enhancer
  • SW: Appending of _edited in Enhancer is now optional
  • SW: Enhance image now remembers last used tool
  • SW: Added "Is in album" indicator in details view

Version 4.4.5
7 November 2004
  • Fullscreen slideshow always looped
  • Thumbnails aspect ratio was broken
  • Cursor was not visible when Printing from fullscreen

Version 4.4.4
10 October 2004
  • Fixed erratic behaviors when selecting transitions
  • Orientation tag was not updated when using auto-transform
  • Crash reports is now disabled by default

Version 4.4.3
2 October 2004
  • Fixed decoding of Fuji makernotes
  • 1/... Exposure Time properly displayed in thumbnails tooltip
  • Added support for more cameras (including Canon D20)
  • Fixed thumbnails of really small images when thumbnail frames are activated
  • Updated gdiplus.dll to safe version (see http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms04-028.mspx)
  • SW: Fixed rewriting of Fuji makernotes
  • SW: Speed up of image scrolling in Image Enhancer
  • SW: Fixed refresh of album thumbs when caching is disabled
  • SW: Images are no longer automatically removed from albums when not existing

Version 4.4.2
26 September 2004
  • Fixed clean-up of exposure time to 1/... which was not working properly
  • Fix grabbing of frame for QuickTime cylindrical movies
  • Added continuous progress on Canon downloader
  • Fixed reading of Nikon D100 marker notes (and probably more Nikon cameras)
  • Zoom keys now affect movie playback in fullscreen viewer
  • SW: Fix: Center of crop area in Enhance Image was not visible in all modes

Version 4.4.1
17 September 2004
  • Exif Creation date was not read from some images
  • Exif ExposureBiasValue was not read correctly from some images
  • Exif Rational values were not rounded correctly
  • Fixed use of substring mask in transfer renaming

Version 4.4.0
12 September 2004
  • Menu and toolbar clean-up
  • New thumbnail database for faster refreshes
  • Added RAW image support (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Fuji, Sony, Kodak, Foveon...)
  • Advanced renaming now keeps an history of used masks
  • Attached files (sound, thumbnail files...) are renamed the same as the image during transfer
  • Added new renaming switch to extract substring of original filename (%{substr:start:length})
  • Most image functions do not modify file dates anymore
  • Added floating panel displaying EXIF info
  • Added possibility to switch between inches and millimeters in print wizard
  • Print wizard parameters are now better saved between sessions
  • Updated Canon downloader to use latest Canon SDK (non-EOS and EOS cameras)
  • Added possibility to view Exif data in THM files attached to movies
  • SW: Added possibility to add comments to movie files (through THM file)
  • SW: Some image functions are now directly accessible at the album level
  • SW: If you enhance an image that it is the album, cam2pc can replace the old version with the new one
  • SW: cam2pc can now remembers files downloaded from the camera and does not download them again
  • SW: Added possibility to run any program during transfer (at two different steps)
  • SW: Sending mail now works with Mozilla Thunderbird (and supposedly some more MAPI mail clients)
  • SW: RAW images can be developed ajusting gamma, brightness and other parameters (16-bit output supported)
  • SW: Offline contents now sorted by volume name in tree
  • SW: Easier to use and more efficient red-eye removal

Version 4.3.6
5 July 2004
  • Fixed crash introduced in 4.3.5 when in fullscreen slideshow

Version 4.3.5
4 July 2004
  • Fixed slideshow menu item not being refreshed in fullscreen contextual menu
  • Fixed some rare freezes experienced in Image Browser when switching directories
  • Fixed thumbnails not properly displayed when thumbnails caching is off
  • Fixed drag images (2000/XP) when thumbnail view is scrolled
  • Fixed various bugs when reordering or inserting in album
  • Loading is thumbnails should be faster once more
  • Fixed loading of some BMP files
  • SW: Discard EXIF data now does nothing when an image does not EXIF data

Version 4.3.4
12 June 2004
  • Fixed various bugs after batch renaming when in details view
  • Fixed issues when rotating a corrupted JPEG image
  • Fixed thumbnail view with filenames with & character
  • Fixed mouse not handled 100% correctly after delete in fullscreen mode
  • Prevented creations of directories with trailing . character
  • Added .jpe as a known JPEG file extension
  • SW: Fixed crash when opening an invalid file in Enhance Image

Version 4.3.3
19 May 2004
  • Improved JPEG loading speed
  • Improved thumbnails loading speed (thumbnails are stored as JPEG so that was easy...)
  • SW: Rotating a movie without changing the filename does not erase the movie anymore

Version 4.3.2
8 May 2004
  • Fixed numerous bugs introduced in 4.3.1 (resize/convert, WIA/PTP...)
  • Fixed bug in USB auto-connect transfer where some files would not have proper dates once transfered
  • Improved speed of browser refresh when changing directories
  • Fixed crash on renaming while transfer when files do not have extension
  • Date is now default sort order for Image Browser
  • Keep Exif is now on by default in resize, convert and enhance
  • Camera configuration wizard is now run at first transfer instead of firt run
  • Auto-rotate during transfer is now on by default
  • Fujifilm's Exif makernotes not lost anymore while transforming or adding comments
  • Fixed some crashes in Exif display (but not all yet...)
  • Images that cannot be losslessly transformed do not lose their EXIF metadata anymore
  • Save and load Exif now work on several files (also added overwrite prompt)
  • Fixed a bug in Lanczos and Mitchell resize methods

Version 4.3.1
1 May 2004
  • Fixed crash on camera detection when make and model are empty
  • Fixed slight vertical offset when doing 3D transitions
  • Fixed crash on some rare occasions in WIA/PTP transfer
  • Fixed crash on some rare occasions in Sierra Imaging transfer
  • Fixed crash on 98/Me/2K in resize dialog when checking Keep Ratio
  • Fixed crash when working with files dated prior to 1970 (cam2pc does not work 100% properly but does not crash anymore)
  • SW: Fixed: Auto-transform now works correctly on TIFF files
  • SW: Fixed: Auto-transforming does not touch RAW files anymore
  • SW: Fixed: Paning could not be performed in Red Eye mode
  • SW: Fixed: Thumbnails could be not properly updated after auto-transform

Version 4.3.0
25 April 2004
  • Added crash reporting facility
  • Updated Canon supported cameras (A80, IXUS i and more)
  • Video files can now be played in full screen viewer (even in slideshow mode)
  • Screensaver is disabled during slideshow
  • All rotations of images (auto or manual) do not change the timestamp of the images
  • SW: Video files (.AVI and .MOV) can now be trimmed directly in cam2pc
  • SW: Video files can now be rotated (requires recompression)
  • SW: Video files can now be converted to other format (AVI, MPG and QT)
  • SW: Video files can now be added in albums
  • SW: Video files can now be integrated in created slideshows and screensavers
  • SW: Video files can now be integrated in created web galleries
  • SW: Albums can now be exported as video files (AVI, MPG and QT) with transition effects
  • SW: Folders can now be dropped in album window
  • SW: A list of files (or masks) to exclude when downloading can be specified
  • SW: Created slideshows disable screensaver while they run
  • SW: Outside of crop are is now shaded in Image Enhancer
  • SW: Improved album selection warning

Version 4.2.0
23 March 2004
  • Cleaner EXIF data display
  • Fixed EXIF compatibility with Minolta 7Hi TIFF images (and probably others)
  • Fixed locking of QuickTime movies that will prevent their deletion while cam2pc is running
  • Transfered files from camera now have proper creation and modification dates
  • Thumbnail of currently downloaded picture is now shown during transfer
  • Now you can browse all the images of the same day when prompted for a description while transfering
  • Prompt description dialog is now resizable so you can enlarge the thumbnail
  • Previous download location is now saved across sessions
  • Thumbnail view can now be sorted chronologically (default order)
  • Fixed image editor icons being black on some systems
  • Preview video is now cleared when double-clicking a video to avoid double play
  • Non-existing folders can now be deleted from Favorites
  • Folders can now be opened using the Enter key
  • SW: Added Import and Export of cam2pc settings for easy configuration backup
  • SW: Custom EXIF summary in Custom Web Galleries is now saved and loaded
  • SW: Last used custom web gallery template is loaded by default
  • SW: Thumbnail or detailed view is now properly scrolled when using "Browse to" from album window
  • SW: Albums can now be sorted alphabetically or chronologically (reverse sort available)
  • SW: Albums can now be burned on CD (valid Ahead Nero installation required)
  • SW: More EXIF tags can be edited in the EXIF dialog (dates...)
  • SW: Easier to use "Add comment" dialog (compared to View/Edit EXIF)
  • SW: Image comments can be reviewed for the images in the album only instead of the whole folder
  • SW: Image comments can be reviewed from Build Slideshow or Instant Web Gallery dialogs
  • SW: Added button to preview an instant web gallery
  • SW: Added web gallery rollover effect on index thumbnails
  • SW: Slideshow running status in web galleries is now kept from page to page
  • SW: Added options to specify web galleries HTML charset to use (see Misc Options)
  • SW: Added predefined resizing values for Build Slideshow and Mail Images
  • SW: Web galleries can now be uploaded to a web server (using FTP)
  • SW: Offline contents volumes can be named how you like
  • SW: Crop ratios and lossless flag are now saved
  • SW: Crop pixel size is now displayed

Version 4.1.1
14 January 2004
  • Fixed bugs in WIA/PTP support
  • Fixed bug where preview in prompt window would not appear (rare)
  • Fixed bug when downloading files from the root of a drive (eg. G:\ without DCIM)
  • Fixed crash on some ill formatted EXIF metadata
  • Fixed slight offset when printing individual images
  • SW: Fixed rare crash when closing Image Browser
  • SW: Fixed: Web gallery slideshows countdown now start only after image has been loaded

Version 4.1.0
7 January 2004
  • Added PTP protocol support via WIA (Me and XP only)
  • Added new 3D transition effects in slideshows
  • Added new print wizard (replaces previous Print dialog)
  • Fullscreen OSD is not fully customizable
  • Fixed bug on Windows 9x/Me that would not display any file or folder at the root of drives
  • Fixed bug that would cause some external editors not to load the selected files
  • Fixed issues with daylight savings when dealing with dates
  • Fixed freeze when expanding network nodes in the tree
  • Fixed auto-download with Canon cameras
  • Fixed freeze when creating thumbnail of a QuickTime movie when QT is not installed on the machine
  • Fixed batch renaming taking ages when thumbnail caching is on
  • Fixed fact that file renaming while transfering was not done when keeping memory card directory structure
  • Code clean up in transferers so now directory structure is properly read from various cameras
  • SW: Added print on paper templates (Avery, Kodak...)
  • SW: Added Catalog Items allowing to feed the database
  • SW: Added browsing of Offline Contents (CD, ZIP...) without inserting the media
  • SW: Added batch update of images date and time
  • SW: Added new Remove Shadows in Quick Fixes of Enhance Image
  • SW: Added buttons for fast black&white and sepia effects in Enhance Image
  • SW: Added Add Borders stuff in Enhance Image
  • SW: Added new Album List window for faster album selection
  • SW: Added possibility to add borders to images in batch
  • SW: Added automatic filling of EXIF Artist and Copyright when transfering images
  • SW: Refresh of thumbnails when loading an albums is now done in background (2000 and XP only)
  • SW: Album thumbnails are now refreshed if original image is modified
  • SW: When using %P when renaming files when transfering the description can now be used to fill the EXIF comments
  • SW: Images can now be added in albums from fullscreen (when opened with browser)
  • SW: Created slideshows (except PDF) can show image comments while viewing
  • SW: If images are selected in the album then only these images will be used by the next function used. This allows sending by mail only one image of an album for an instance. If no image is selected then all images are used. Added Select All menu and button.
  • SW: Exif comments now comply to standards and are compatible with other softwares
  • SW: Fixed sending mails using SMTP server

Version 4.0.2
30 October 2003
  • Autoupdate now only checks every 5 days
  • Fixed bug with scrollbar of album window not entirely visible
  • Fixed thumbnails for non-RGB24 images
  • Added support for 48-bits images (except in enhance image)
  • Rotating pictures (auto or manual) no longer changes file date

Version 4.0.1
14 October 2003
  • Freeware Edition now downloads Freeware Edition update (sorry to all Freeware Edition users)
  • Added support for more TIFF images
  • Fixed bugs when loading CMYK JPEG images
  • Fixed issues with in-place editing of filenames in Image Strip
  • Fixed reading of proprietary Shutter Speed EXIF tag
  • Fixed memory leak in created slideshows and screensavers without transitions
  • Fixed detection of image in clipboard (was working only when capturing screen)
  • Fixed crash when typing in (not inserting from menu) "%{num" switch in renaming masks
  • Fixed bug where EXIF maker notes would not be listed
  • Now a file can be duplicated in browser with copy/paste or drag'n'drop
  • Set Read Only and Auto-transform do not conflict anymore when downloading
  • Fixed hang when transfering between 101 and 999 files with renaming
  • Automatic download was not happening with XP handlers and tray icon at the same time
  • Added splash screen on application startup

Version 4.0.0
6 October 2003
  • Locate your pictures with only a few keystrokes with our new Go To Folder feature
  • Print your favorites images as individual images or as part of customizable contact sheets
  • Enhance your images in a few clicks with our easy Enhance Image interface
  • Create contact sheets of your image folders to easily identify all the images contained in a folder
  • Group your images in albums that you can load and save in just one click
  • Create not only standalone slideshows of your images but also Adobe Acrobat PDF slideshows and screensavers complete with installer!
  • Choose among more than 80 transition effects for your slideshows
  • Create web galleries of your images to upload them on your website and share them with your family and friends
  • Do not want to download all the pictures located on your memory card? Try our new image selection wizard and download only the images you want
  • Look at your images in the best consitions with our new bicubic fullscreen viewing which brings an unmatched quality
  • Video files now can display a customizable thumbnail for an identification easier than ever
  • Easier to work with application workflow with a new fully customizable toolbar and windows that you can drag and dock wherever you wish
  • Full integration in Windows handlers: it is no more needed to run cam2pc permanently on your PC as it will appear in the list of proposed applications to handle your digital images
  • Full integration into Windows Explorer so you can drag and drop files from cam2pc to Explorer (or the other way round) and even use Cut/Copy/Paste of files between Explorer and cam2pc
  • Video files are now played using Direct X to gain access to all the codecs installed your machine: play your DIVX files fullscreen directly from cam2pc!
  • Using several image editors and want to access them from cam2pc? No problem, cam2pc now supports up to 10 external image editors
  • Add EXIF comments to your pictures in sequence using the new Previous and Next buttons in the EXIF metadata window

Version 3.1.2
11 April 2003
  • Enter in browser acts like double click instead of full-screen
  • Added option to show cursor in full-screen
  • Fixed bug where favorites not saved from one session to another
  • "Rename Series" -> "Advanced renaming" and enabled with only one image selected
  • Added "renumber" in "Advanced Renaming"
  • F1 brings help in Image Browser and Image Downloader
  • If all files of a resize are same size then keep ratio show the final size
  • Added security to avoid image corruption when manipulating EXIF metadata
  • Fixed crash when renaming files in details view
  • Fixed column hiding and resizing in details view (previous settings lost)
  • Fixed bug when previewing advanced renaming changes

Version 3.1.1
28 March 2003
  • Options re-added in tray menu
  • Added run downloader from browser
  • Fixed image corruption for some cases (Minolta DiMAGE 7)
  • Reduced thumbnail creation priority when viewing full-screen

Version 3.1.0
21 March 2003
  • Application renamed to cam2pc instead of "cam2pc - An Image Downloader"
  • Configuration wizard added
  • Album management: the album is a collection of images from different folders The album can be resized, sent by mail or used to create a standalone slideshow (see below)
  • Possibility to send images by mail (with automatic scaling and recompression)
  • Possibility to generate a standalone slideshow (single EXE file with all images embedded)
  • Added batch conversion feature
  • The image browser can list images with details (size, focal...) instead of thumbnails
  • The image browser can display a small preview of the selected image (useful in details mode)
  • EXIF thumbnails are now read to create the thumbnails in the browser (faster)
  • The Canon SDK has been upgraded to support latest Canon cameras
  • Simplified shell integration (no reboots necessary during install/upgrade/uninstall)
  • Renaming files can now be done using EXIF metadata
  • The renaming in the Browser works the same as in the Downloader
  • When rotating an image that cannot be losslessly tranformed a confirmation is asked
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Added compact OSD in Viewer
  • File deletions respect the Windows Recycle Bin settings
  • EXIF thumbnails are now properly updated when losslessly transforming an image
  • Possibility to add an EXIF comment to images
  • EXIF data in TIFF files are now properly handled (when rotating/flipping)
  • EXIF data can be saved to disk and reloaded into any image
  • When a new version is available, cam2pc now downloads the update and runs it
  • Image editor automatically detected (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro)
  • XP menus and flat look can now be disabled
  • Help is now in HTML Help
  • And much more!

Version 3.0.1
6 December 2002
  • Fixed crash when renaming an image in the browser
  • Fixed bad redraw in viewer when a window comes over
  • Added display of coordinates of top left corner of crop rectangle
  • Arrows can be used to move the crop rectangle
  • Shift+Arrows can be used to resize the crop rectangle

Version 3.0.0
4 November 2002
  • Canon cameras support
  • automatic eject of USB auto-connect devices
  • support of PNG loading and writing
  • support of video files preview in Image Browser
  • support of external image editor called from Image Browser
  • possibility to display all files in the Image Browser and double-click on them to launch their default application (useful for videos)
  • copy/cut/paste files in the Image Browser
  • dead or hot pixels repair (can be activated during image transfer)
  • possibilty to use a global number to rename files
  • possibility to use hour, minute and second to rename files
  • display of pixel-under-mouse information in full-screen viewer
  • new installer with a modern look ; installation has been also improved and does not show DOS boxes on the way anymore
  • the look of the image browser has been redesigned and the thumbnail/icon view tries to mimic Windows Explorer (the way filenames are displayed, icons are selected and so on...)
  • the folder tree in the Image Browser now gives direct access to Desktop and My Pictures folders
  • tooltips appear over images in the Image Browser to get basic info on images (size, date, format) very quickly
  • preferences have been completly redesigned with a neat look
  • and much more!

Version 2.0.3
27 April 2002
  • Fixed Image Browser not at good location when calling Browse from Image Viewer
  • Fixed more Image Browser freeze

Version 2.0.2
23 April 2002
  • Avoided double-prompt for description when plugging auto-connect USB camera
  • Now selecting multiple folders or mixing images and folders in the Image Browser is impossible
  • Select All now only selects images in the Image Browser

Version 2.0.1
20 April 2002
  • Thumbnails in the 'Prompt for Description' dialogs of TIFF images were not displayed. In fact not so many cameras create a thumbnail so you may not get a thumbnail...
  • 'Move to new folder (based on mask)' from Image Browser was incorrectly cancelled (was not cancelled at all...)
  • Added display of current zoom factor in the full-screen OSD
  • Added choice of export format (including JPEG quality) when batch resizing
  • Added display of version number in About box
  • Fixed some of the bugs with file association in Windows XP but not all (XP behaves strangely with regards to images)

Version 2.0
14 April 2002
  • support of Sierra Imaging chipset based cameras (USB and serial) as Nikon Coolpix series, some Olympus (C-3030Z for instance) and Agfa, Epson...
  • images can be grouped by day of shooting when transfered
  • display of a thumbnail when prompting for a description (%P switch)
  • enhanced folder tree in the image browser
  • caching of the thumbnails of the image browser for a faster browsing
  • high quality full screen viewing (images are scaled on the fly to avoid aliasing)
  • possibility to set an image as a wallpaper and even to have an automatically rotating wallpaper
  • "Office XP"-like menus on all platforms
  • Windows XP compliant look on this platform
  • ...

Version 1.8
December 2001
  • Start of history archiving...