CAM2PC 4.6
Digital imaging has never been so easy!

cam2pc is the digital imaging solution that will make using your digital camera a snap! From picture download and media organization to image retouching and media sharing, cam2pc offers all the features you might think of when working with your digital media.

My Folders

My Folders

Access your often-used folders quickier than ever!


Photos on your iPod as simple as drag'n'drop!


"My Pictures" screensaver on all the Windows platforms
Tired of browsing through Explorer to access always the same folders? My Folders is for you: whatever you are doing, just hit a simple key combination and see a menu popup under your mouse with shortcuts to all your favorite folders! iTunes photo synchronization is not always the simplest way to get your favorite pictures on your iPod! Photopod makes this as easy as drag'n'dropping your pictures from Windows Explorer just as you would copy files to your iPod. You need a simple screensaver that will just go through all your images like the "My Pictures" screensaver of Windows ME and XP? Simply download picsaver and stop using your computer: who knows when you are going to stop watching your images and go back to work!