Cam2pc alternative ?

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Cam2pc alternative ?

Postby kiig » Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:50 am

Probably not the right place for this, - but my new Powershot G9 camera apparently has an issue with Cam2pc when it comes to renaming files based on exif data.. sometimes, - the filename get 'stamped' wrongly, - and as there are no updates, - and maybe no more support for Cam2pc I'm forced to look elsewhere.

Today, I stumpled upon and the Picture Information Extractor . Please have a look, - the look and feel of the program is very close to Camp2... so close you actually might wonder if they are related somehow... ??

I still hope for a revival of Cam2pc, - it still the best damn picture browser I've ever seen !, - and as a freelance photographer I do throw a high number of pictures through it (my Eos1 cameras has no problem eith the rename feature of Cam2pc)...

In fact, - using picmetasystems 'browser' for 'browsing', - and then when you 'click' on a image (which 'opens' the images) I can actually still get it to use the image viewer from Cam2PC, - and that might work out to be a powerfull combination. Please let me know what you all think.
I have yet to try the autoloader/rename feature but as the software is 'new' I assume it handles the newer camera formats as it should, - and as Cam2pc until now allways has done.

Kim Igel.
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