That's it, time to ditch cam2pc

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That's it, time to ditch cam2pc

Postby AlunS » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:24 pm

Well, the time had to come eventually ... cam2pc was, and I repeat WAS, a great piece of software, but the recent lack of updates by the author, and his apparent complete disdain for his users has persuaded me to ditch it.

It's a great shame really, but the bugs and crashes in the latest version, plus the still flaky RAW support are just too much for me to bear.

What irks me the most though is that this site is still up and running, and people presumably are still shelling out their hard earned cash for a product that isn't being actively supported or developed further. I'd almost say that this amounts to deception, and if I were of a litigious nature or American, or both I'd probably sue your ass off, but you're lucky, I'm neither of the above.

So long, it's been nice knowing you cam2pc .........
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