This is without a doubt the best piece of software I have downloaded. [...] This is excellent and I agree that this software should be included with every digicam out. I don't see why it isn't.


Love this program..... easy to use, very fast and far better and easier to use then the vendor supplied program that came with the camera, and the renaming feature is great.


Once I had configured cam2pc to do what I wanted it to do (automatically download, rename and store photos according to date) it became one of those how-did-I-manage-without-it programs. Definitely much better than the software that was bundled with my camera, and it integrated well with my existing image editing software.


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September 12, 2004

cam2pc unleashes RAW power

Nice, France (September 12, 2004) - Following its nomination in the "Best photo program" category of the Shareware Industry Awards 2004, cam2pc reaches a significant milestone by integrating RAW format capabilities.

All prosumer cameras feature RAW image output which allows to record exactly what the digital camera's CCD sees. No processing is performed on the data and allows the photographer to "develop" its pictures with a dedicated software allowing him to get the results he intended when shooting his pictures.

Using the same routines used in Adobe® Photoshop®, cam2pc allows the tweaking of most development parameters: white balance, saturation, sharpness... Unlike many other packages, cam2pc is even able to produce 48-bit images for an outstanding quality!

Among the new features introduced in this version are:

  • RAW format integration (viewing, converting, developing...)
  • Faster thumbnail caching and overall speed improvement
  • New customizable floating palette showing EXIF information
  • Easier and more efficient red-eye removal
  • Internal mechanism to avoid downloading the same pictures from the the camera twice

About cam2pc

cam2pc is a all-in-one digital imaging solution. Known for its ease of use, cam2pc covers all aspects of digital imaging: picture download from camera, media browsing and organization, image enhancement and sharing.

Price & availability

cam2pc 4.4 is available through nabocorp. softwares' web site: http://www.cam2pc.com. A 30-day free trial is available for download. Registration is €25 or $30 and can be purchased directly on nabocorp's web site.


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